Helpful startup tips for small business owners


Starting up a business takes time, planning and a lot of blood, sweat and tears and these 7 tips are there to help make the whole thing a lot easier to manage.

1. You Should Never Go It Alone

Starting any company on your own will usually put you at a distinct disadvantage and there are several reasons for this. There is a lot of work involved and there are several things that could end up falling through the cracks if you are not focused.

2. Think Of Money

At some point, you may need to look for additional funding that will help you to pay the bills and keep your dream alive. Seek out quality investors in the beginning.

3. Your Location

When you want to set up a physical location, make sure that you are going to end up wherever your target audience will be.

4. Beware Of The Giants (or at least those who have gone before you)

Focus on some of the smaller things that will build your brand and know that you will always have the chance to grow over time.

5. Be Conscious Of Your Target Market

You should always have a target audience in mind for your startup business. Make sure that the goods and/or services that you offer are going to solve a problem or fulfill a need. This will help it to take off.

6. Staff Carefully

Take the time to be sure that you vet all of the employees that you hire so that you are able to get a good crew behind you. Look for those who are understanding of your company vision and they will be able to become incredible assets. Put plenty of time into the hiring process and never rush it.

7. Keep Customers At Top Priority

Pay attention to your customer service and always do your best to keep your customers happy. These people do a lot more than simply place orders, they are also going to be incredible advertising for your business and can be very beneficial for the growth of your start up.


Original article by Tilly Kidman 30 December 2015